Temporary Fence Accessories

Temporary Fence Feet

Temporary Fence Feet

Our portable fence feet enjoy the feature of high quality, heavy duty, cost effective.
Tuofang Wire Fence Co.,Ltd. supply Plastic concrete feet and Galvanized feet.

  1. Plastic concrete feet
    • It is 0.58 meter long, 0.245 meter wide, 0.13 meter high.
    • The thickness of the block is 2 mm.
    • The hole diameter is 25 mm, 32 mm, 42 mm, 48 mm.
    • It is made of plastic which is made from pure polyester third.

    Our Plastic Fence Feet offer the following benefits over standard concrete fence feet.

    • Made of a Flexible & Durable co-polymer polypropylene.
    • UV5 for sun/weather protection.
    • Wide range of post whole sizes available 25 mm, 32 mm, 42 mm, 48 mm.
    • Post holes can run across or up and down the blocks.
    • Designed to be filled with concrete.
  2. Galvanized feet.
    specifications are suitable for the fence, and it can be customized.

Temporary Fence Clamps

As a indispensable part of temporary fencing system clamps as a media connect with two neighbor temporary fence panels to consist a sturdy temporary fencing group.

We offer hot dipped galvanized temporary fence clamps with 42 microns zinc thick are durable.

Temporary Fence Clamps
Temporary Fence Clamps


  • Overall Length: 100 mm.
  • Centra Length: 40 mm.
  • Buckle distance: 80 mm.
  • Clamp Thickness: 3 mm - 4 mm.
  • Finish: Hot Dipped Galvanized (42 microns / 300 gram/sqm).
  • Bracing
    Bracing can be applied to prestige, mesh and hoarding fence systems in order to provide additional strength and stability.
  • Hand Rails
    Hand rails can be fitted to the fence if extra safety is required.
  • Shade Cloth
    Shade cloth can be used to prevent people from looking into a site and minimize dust blowing off the site. Shade cloth provides 70% block out and is stocked in green but other colours are available upon request. Additional bracing is required for winding loading.
  • Dog Proofing
    Dog proofing can be used to fill in the gap between the ground and the fence panel in order to stop anything passing through the small gap.
  • Barbed Wire (1 or 2 Rows)
    Barbed wire can be fitted to the top of the fence if extra security is required.

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