Garden Fence

Garden fence is made by welded wire panel, Holland Wire Mesh and fence post.

Garden fence

Buy one of our garden fences today and start protecting your garden!

We offer special garden fence that is designed specifically to protect your garden. We offer easily assembled garden fences that are designed to protect your fragile plants and vegetables from being eaten by animals without taking away from the beauty of your garden, by making it look like you keep your flowers beautiful. we also offers attachments to their garden fences that make their strength customizable too.

Every fence can be made stronger to keep out larger animals, so your plants will be safe from all comers. They also offer attachments on their garden fences that will help protect your garden against animals who like to dig, or try to take the subterranean route. Our garden fences are built to make sure your garden is protected from all angles.

Our fencing is treated for durability so no matter how harsh the elements are; your fence will stand strong for many years, but still is virtually invisible so the radiant colors of your garden won be hidden behind a fence. They are also reinforce able, so no matter the size of the animal exploring your yard, you can rest assured that it not going to find its way into your garden. This means no matter how persistent the animals in your yard are, they will not be able to chew their way through our garden fences. Your plants will be safe.

Let us provide you with our garden fences which will act like a barrier between your gentle plants and nature harsh elements. Our garden fences are customizable to accommodate any size garden, big or small. We want to make sure that you get to reap the benefits of your hard earned toils, and that your garden is as beautiful as you want it to be. Our garden fences will keep your plant life safe and sound.

Garden fence
Garden fence
Garden fence
Garden fence
Garden fence
Specification and Parameter
Height of Panel (mm) 600, 800, 1000, 1200, 1400
Width of Panel (mm) 2000, 2500, 3000
Mesh Opening (mm) 50 × 100, 50 × 200, 55 × 100, 55 × 200, 65 × 100, 65 × 200
Wire Diameter (mm) 4/4, 5/4
Match Post section (mm) 48, 68, 70
We can produce as your specifications, specifications can be customized.

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