Diamond Mesh Horse Fence

Diamond mesh horse fence is a safe, attractive, heavy duty, durable woven fencing for horses and other large animals. Closely-spaced diamond mesh construction gives this horse fence spring and flexibility as well as linear strength and durability. Hooves and legs cannot become entangled in the fence. There are no sharp projecting wires to scratch animals or people. This diamond mesh horse fence is strong enough to withstand the abuse of stallions, yet safe enough for the smallest foals. The 2" × 4" wire mesh pattern makes this fencing flexible. Double twisted horizontal strands of strong, galvanized 12-1/2 gauge wire are spaced at 4" intervals from top to bottom. Vertical galvanized 14 gauge wires, securely counter woven around horizontal wires, run diagonally. They are spaced 2" apart at the widest point. This rugged and good looking galvanized diamond mesh horse fence will last for years with virtually no maintenance.

Diamond mesh horse fence
Diamond mesh horse fence

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