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Welded Wire Fence

Welded wire fence made by welded wire panel is a complete welded wire fencing system, able to enhance every architectural style. Designed to meet your perimeter security needs while blending in with the background. The wire can be attached to existing fencing or  installed independently with posts.Welded PVC coated wire fence image

Welded wire fencing consists of panels, posts, steel brackets, gates and other accessories, all galvanized and powder coated and available.  PVC coated and galvanized hardware cloth are suitable for making wire cages, enclosures and traps. The PVC coating on welded wire can last many years longer than an uncoated wire, and the coating color black or green meets strict standards.We have it available in various widths, heights and colors including black and green.

Galvanized welded panel: galvanized prior to welding, which provides a smooth finish to the wire surface. Zinc is commonly used to cover steel wire to protect from rusting. Zinc coatings are measured in ounces of zinc per square foot of wire. The more zinc per foot, the more years of wire use before rusting starts. Steel wire longevity depends on the type and thickness of protective zinc coating around the wire. The galvanized wire is welded together to the proper size and then PVC coated, that makes PVC welded wire fence panel.

Our welded wire fence is from 4 gauge to 16 gauge wire panels.
16 gauge high quality galvanized steel fence as light duty welded wire fence, with welded cross wires for added strength. All cross wires are trimmed flush for smooth uniformed edges, allowing for easy installation. It is used for lawn fence, animal pens, tree and flower guard.
12.5 gauge Galvanized Welded Wire Fence is strong and durable. It is a good choice for everything from concrete reinforcement, to tree guards, yard fencing, and animal control.
Heavy Duty Welded 4 gauge Wire Panels are our heaviest welded fence, having more uses than just for fencing.

Features Benefits: Easy to install, Long lasting, "V" braces for extra strength, Blends with the landscape, Price competitive and Many years warranty.

Welded wire fence is ideal for residential, industrial, commercial, schools and universities and community area applications. It is used as road side fence, sport fence, garden fence and temporary Fence.

black welded fence panelFence Panels
fence wire panels are galvanized with the best technology to make them strong corrosion resistant. The zinc and powder coatings provide the highest protection against corrosion and weather conditions, making fence a long lasting fencing system. Wires are uniformly and carefully welded on every union. The V-branch on each panel adds extra strength to it. Panels pass through a phosphate and a powder coating process to assure their corrosion resistance.

Heights: 2', 4', 5', 6'*, 8'*
Length: 8'
Opening (wxh) (in): 2"x6"
Braces: 2 (2'H & 4'H), 3 (5'H), 4 (6'H), 5 (8'H)
Gauge: 6
Wire breaking load: 80,000-100,000 PSI
Weld-shear strength: 1,051 lbs
Galvanized: 0.50 oz/square foot
Polyester coating thickness: 100 microns (4 mils approx)
Available colors of our welded wire panels
* Stocked in green and black colors
Welded wire fence post in black colorFence Posts
fence posts are highly corrosion resistant thanks to their thick zinc coating at inner and outer post areas, phosphate treatment and powder coating. Post height is higher as part of it goes under ground or in concrete wall.

Post Height: 3' (2' panels), 6'* (4' panels), 7' (5' panels), 8'* (6' panels), 11'* (8' panels)
Gauge: 16
Dimensions: 2 1/4" x 2 1/4"
Weld-shear strength: 1,051 lbs
Galvanized: 0.50 oz/square foot
Polyester coating thickness: 100 microns (4 mils approx)
Available fence post colors
* Stocked in green and black colors
Welded Wire Fence Gates post in green Gates
fence presents its gate product line to fully complement the fencing system master plan. Frames and wires are uniformly welded and polished. Available as swing or sliding gates in single or double,  gates are made with the highest quality materials and welding processes. Welded before coating for higher protection against weather with the same corrosion resistance as fence panels. Our gates include high quality and durable components and a variety of lock options to suit different applications.
welded galvanized wire gates

PVC coated welded wire gates Gates
Welded Wire Fence AccessoriesSteel Brackets and other Accessories
The fence
steel brackets are made of galvanized steel and powder coated making them resistant and long lasting. Brackets attaching system to panel and post is easy to install and time saving. Bracket is locked with 1 1/4" x 1 1/4" galvanized screw and bolt, using a regular 7/16" wrench. Easy to install, strong and secure, adaptable to different fence angles and salt spray and UV tested.

Brackets per Post: 2 (2' panel), 2 (4' panel), 3 (5' panel), 4 (6' panel), 5 (8' panel)

Additional accessories include steel base and upper 45º angle for extra security. Three barbed wire lines or extra panels can be placed on the upper arm posts.

Welded Wire Fence Accessories

wire fence steel brackets

Here introduce two types welded fences specifications:

Welded creped green PVC coated fence
Wire =1,65/2,2 mm,  Mesh = 10 x 10 cm
Width = 90 cm, length = 25 m
Each roll marked with our label

Wire = 1,65/2,2 mm,  Mesh = 10 x 10 cm
Width = 60 cm, length = 25 m
Each roll marked with our label

Welded creped galvanized HDG fence
Wire = 1,80 mm,  Mesh = 10 x10 cm
Width = 0,90 m, length 25 m
Each roll marked with our label
Shiny quality

Wire  =1,9 mm,  Mesh = 5 x 10 cm
Width = 80 cm, length = 25 meter
Each roll marked with our label

Height/cmFence Length(2m)
Wire Gauge Wire Diameter mmOpening cmWeight kg/pieceFixing Pole
Weight kg/set
6010#/8#3.2 45X126.51.9
8010#/8#3.2 45X127.52.3
10010#/8#3.2 45X128.52.7
12010#/8#3.2 45X1293.1
15010#/8#3.2 45X12113.7
18010#/8#3.2 45X1212.54.3
20010#/8#3.2 45X1213.54.7

Height/cmFence Length(2.5m)
 Wire GaugeWire Diameter mmOpening cmWeight kg/pieceFixing Pole
     Weight kg/set
6010#/8#3.2 /45X128.61.9
8010#/8#3.2 /45X129.92.3
10010#/8#3.2/ 45X1211.22.7
12010#/8#3.2/ 45X1211.93.1
15010#/8#3.2 /45X1214.53.7
18010#/8#3.2/ 45X1216.54.3
20010#/8#3.2/ 45X1217.84.7

Here is the fence accessories which is wire fence installation needed.

5TERMINAL POST, D=76MM(L=3.5M) pcs
6LINE POST , D =50MM (L=3.5M)Pcs
7TOP RAIL D=50MM (L=3M)pcs
10TRUSS ROD, D=10MMpcs
11RAIL END pcs
welded wire with PVC coatedwelded wire fence used as road fence
welded wire with PVC coated in green colorwelded wire fence used as road fence

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